Friday, January 11, 2013

Tipspedia Application

Tipspedia is a unique and truly innovative app that provides timely solutions, ideas and valuable tips when you need them the most. There are various situations in life when you are truly baffled with lack of answers. The situation may be an informal one such as what to wear on the first date or something on a serious note like where to invest for high returns. Whatever may be the tone of the situation, Tipspedia will provide that valuable piece of advice so as to take a better decision. Now you don’t have to look into different places or go after people in search of the best answers and ideas. Get immediate access to all the ideas on the go which will help in choosing the correct alternative.

Easily installed on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Tipspedia provides a highly aesthetic menu wherein different categories have been enlisted so that tips can be obtained quickly. Some of the popular categories are investment, dating, culinary, college life, car buying, belly dance, boxing, digital photography etc. Just click on the desired category and you will immediately have access to advice that comes from professionals and experts of those fields. Massive contemplation has been invested regarding the choice of categories so that the most sought after answers regarding tricky situations are always there. Now you don’t have to worry when there is no one to provide proper advice and information. The inventory of tips is massive and all the information comes from experts having prior information regarding the problems that you have been facing. The app allows users to store the information that is being provided for future reference. It may happen that you come across tips that are useful for someone you know. Help others by sharing the information received. Tipspedia provides “Save” and “Share” feature for making the best possible use of the advice that is being provided.

Another feature is that the information is never static. Once installed you have regular updates being provided. This is necessary as more and more challenging situations are created in the busy modern life wherein the demand for the best ideas and answers keeps increasing at an exponential pace. In this regard the update feature ensures that users have all the necessary ideas against a wide variety of situations. The database is automatically updated at regular intervals without the need for any kind of intervention on the side of the user.

Hassle free installation and ease of use are some of the other important attributes of Tipspedia. Contents have been arranged in a highly systematic manner so that users can be served in a highly effective manner. The app is nothing short of a lifeline for those who are constantly on the move and have little access to people for getting reliable information against various topics. In many cases, such as those involving opposite sex, dating etc, people are somewhat reluctant and shy from obtaining answers. However, getting correct and authentic tips is also imperative. This is where Tipspedia seems all the more useful.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Finally the free app you've all been waiting for, make romance your lifestyle now!

Will you marry me ?

Hundreds of marriage proposal ideas !

Many times while trying to keep pace with all the irrelevant things in life, we forget or don’t have a clue when the time comes to do the really necessary things.

Things like, proposing to the girl that we love, or in other words, saying the most important four letters of our life to the one single person that we would love to spend the rest of our life with. Life usually never gives a second chance to do what is right and if we are not careful, we can very easily blow that single window of opportunity for ever.

Thankfully, no longer do we have to stop and or stutter when we are faced with that situation.

Whether it is proposing or whether it is about accepting it, the appropriate words and the appropriate approach will no longer be a problem. Thanks to the new app ‘Will you marry me’ which is designed to be used only once in your life (hopefully) and cherish for ever. The best part is you can share your feelings on Twitter and or Facebook and make that special moment truly special and public.

Features :
you can share your favorite idea on Facebook or tweet about it .
you can even add your own idea and post it to Facebook or tweet about it and it will be added to the category of your choice . and if we like your idea we'll include it in our next update !!!!
we love bringing people together and see them happy , that's why we created this app and we proudly introduce it to you ,
so go propose to your loved one now !!

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